Art by Rio Aubrey Taylor of Jetty Comics


DEMONS - 1.19.2018

Track 1 on Mixtape 1 is the title track Demons. As in: DEMONS! They're inside my head. This video was inspired by Japanese art horror films and bone crushing anxiety. The kind that makes you wonder why you even do the things you think you like doing if they make you feel so bad inside. How you realize the worst parts of your anxiety is that it is your own creation - It has all the keys to unravel you - attacking private, delicate vulnerabilities - yet you cannot make it dissipate as easily as it forms. How reward, even basic life - only comes through enduring that agony. Why can't it just be light? It's like Kendrick Lamar says "It was always me verses the world - until i realized it was me verses me" It's also like that one song from the 90's I think Lit was the band - "I am my own worst enemy" Also, Sisyphus. Somewhere between those references is a point that describes exactly where I am at and maybe this mixtape. I do promise its all 100% real feelings. 


de Fontaine is an electro-pop duo consisting of Erika Libero (Bangzz, Henbrain) and Zack Hargett (Dark Water Rising, Henbrain). ​​The duo, who have been partners for seven years, wrote and recorded their first mixtape in their shared bedroom studio in Carrboro, NC.  They named their band de Fontaine after the fountain-like flow of inspiration they feel when writing together. Mixtape 1: Demons is their self-produced debut and will be available via Potluck Foundation in January 2018. 

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